Publishing platforms and cross-publishing

I am currently publishing with WordPress. Entries are cross-posted to various other places, including LJ and DW. This addresses several basic desires I have for a publishing platform:

  1. That I can write using one consistent set of tools, and not have to keep three or four or more targets in mind when I’m writing;
  2. That all of my writing (and any images and so forth I might publish) is in one convenient central location for backups and storage;
  3. That I can publish things publicly, note things privately, or write to a group of friends and acquaintances without difficulty;
  4. and that I can fiddle endlessly with the fine details of implementation but that the general functionality just works and does what I want.

It’s also convenient that I can also use the publishing platform I get paid to work on, since it means that such fiddling around with fine details of implementation is, as I like it to be, both my hobby and my profession.