Chinese Scallion Pancake (Buchu jun)

A recipe from the inestimable goldispikes, slightly modified for my taste:

Chinese Scallion Pancake (Buchu jun)

7oz Scallions
1 green bell pepper
½ red bell pepper
1 egg
1 cup of flour
Large pinch salt
1 splash sesame seed oil
oil for frying

Clean scallion and cut them in 1 inch length.

Cut bell peppers into 1 inch length strips. Ignore the bell peppers. It’s better without them.

Mix an egg and flour in a large bowl, gently but completely. Add and mix in the scallion slices; add sesame seed oil, salt, and pepper to taste. Mix well.
The mixture should be a bit watery. If you think the mixture is too dry, pour a little bit of water. (This will take some experimentation to get right – depends on the flour, the egg, the altitude…the phase of the moon…)
On a large frying pan, add a good amount of oil (to cover the bottom, say) and put several spoonful of mixture and spread thinly. Wait until the color turns into light brown and flip. Don’t burn!
Cook until both sides turn light brown.
Cut into desirable size.

Serve with soy sauce. SO MUCH SOY SAUCE!

Rice flour may be substituted for wheat flour. Going farther in the ‘coarse’ flour direction will likely taste good but not cook as well.