I’d like to propose a toast.

One day, years ago, I was lucky enough to be friends with two people who, suddenly and to the surprise of everyone and the delight of anyone with sense, fell completely and utterly in love. Another day, less than a year ago, I was honored to stand by them as they joined their hands and hearts in marriage. A few days ago, I bore informal witness to the passing of another anniversary for this lovely couple.

In this day and age where marriages end in tears and litigation more often than not, children are raised without any – much less committed – family, and obvious things like personal responsibility are being discarded in favor of blind, crass consumerism, I cannot help but be reassured that – somewhere – people are doing it right – commitment, love, communication, and balanced relationships rather than convenience, passing fancy, willful ignorance, and abuse. Even more wonderful – in my own selfish way – is the fact that these people are not strangers – not even passing acquaintances – but close, dear friends of mine.

I couldn’t ask for better people to call friends, claim as family, or hold close to my heart, and in that spirit, I’ll raise my glass to humanity – no matter what bad may come from it, with good like this, there is hope.