in case you were wondering…

ziz is launched on sunday
ziz is embarking on an effort to modernise and restructure
ziz is appointed to rule over the birds
ziz is the ruler over the birds; it is monstrous in size; its wings are so huge that unfurled they darken the sun
ziz is the king
ziz is in effect the government information service
ziz is a bird of enormous size
ziz is expected to cruise around
ziz is funny and nice
ziz is obtaining the head and face of a “papuan monkey”
ziz is a monstrous creature
ziz is really very sweet
ziz is a delicacy to be served to the pious
ziz is the last important date in the history of the moabites as recorded in the bible
ziz is also mentioned
ziz is called the ‘hassan addakhil’
ziz is a ledge
ziz is not entirely working in your best interests
ziz is one of the coolest cats around
ziz is working in diverse locations with musicians
ziz is hebrew for ‘flower’
ziz is the most important river in this area
ziz is no problem
ziz is now rockin all over the nation
ziz is eclectic
ziz is a stunning purple/blue
ziz is asking if the aging prime minister authorized the draconian and backward “conditions of service rules” implemented at ziz recently
ziz is expected to broadcast the test series live
ziz is right
ziz is an erroneous reading for nin
ziz is a regular visitor and is running everso sweetly after the cam rings were changed on both magnetos
ziz is more fortified and resilient during the hurricane season
ziz is away
ziz is too wierd
ziz is ranked 4 and has played for 397m in 72 days
ziz is possible

(made possible by googlism)